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26-Jul-2020 18:29

The operator loads pebbles of every size into a hopper.

Metaphor time: you're standing in an asphalt plant.

Many guys stand in the crowd with their hands in their pockets thinking, Before you know it, you've got 19 girls and five guys at youth group. The pressure is coming from frightened parents who see it as the youth leader's duty to get their children through high school without a pregnancy or an STD.

This focus on sexual purity has morphed into a number of peculiar teachings that alter the dating habits of young Christians – and drive young men out of the church.

Instead, they plan to someday enter into formal courtship arrangements with potential mates, preferably under parental supervision, with an eye toward marriage.

Teens stand in a darkened room and sing love songs to Jesus, led by a praise band of their peers.