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05-Jul-2020 15:28

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So if it's ok to have them cohabitate for 100 years without incedent then it's kinda officially been proven that it is possible but I respect your opinion. Tho I will say I would love to have the opportunity to be a mason one day but I am more than happy in my eastern star group and do not want for anything.But I think it would be pretty awsome as I have an extreme love of tradition and history and like to learn all that I can.If women were entered into the mix, with all our masculine weaknesses and insecurities, it would be near to impossible. Maybe that's just my justification for the segregation. But, I do believe that given the wisdom our ancient Brethren evinced in all manner of things, they must have had their reasons.For more information regarding Masonic bodies available to women please see the Can a Woman Become a Freemason page. Hopefully, others will share their own thoughts on the matter.I'm going to GENERALIZE here, so don't scold me and say "I don't do that".

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Even though meeting, dating, marrying and living with someone from a different country can seem intimidating at times, it’s also very exciting.

I also have to admit I think any good person can benefit from the experience of Masonic ritual and tradition. And everyone has to be politically correct so they won't.