China sex dating

10-May-2020 08:06

By 2010 there were 119 boys under five years old for every 100 girls.

Two demographers, John Bongaarts and Christophe Guilmoto, estimate that China is missing more than 60m women and girls.

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When he married, his parents gave his wife 800 yuan, which seemed like a lot. He is likely to be mixing cement well into his 60s.

Like India, most of China is patrilocal: in theory, at least, a married woman moves into her husband’s home and looks after his parents.

Without human intervention, about 105 boys will be born for every 100 girls: boys and men are slightly more likely to die, so by the time they reach reproductive age the number of men and women should be roughly equal. Driven partly by China’s now-abandoned one-child policy, they have used ultrasound scans to determine the sex of fetuses and then aborted some of the girls.

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The groom’s parents, not the bride’s, are expected to pay for the wedding and give money and property to the couple.

These bride prices have shot up, bending the country’s society and economy out of shape.

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