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QUESTION: Does Connecting Christians fall under any particular church group? We are open to all unattached committed (born-again) Christians from any bible based/Trinity centred (God the Father, His son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit) denomination (traditional/evangelical/charismatic). We do not sell your information to any marketers or sales people. QUESTION: Does the member search, exclude, race, colour and ethnicity?QUESTION: Does my private information stay private? ANSWER: Yes it does, however you can specify which race, colour and ethnicity you are interested in. ) Kindly note: Your preference in this regard is totally at YOUR own discretion - not ours! ANSWER: Contact us as soon as possible and we will make sure that your details are updated. ANSWER: Photographs are NOT posted on our website or any other Internet service.You are not going to get married tomorrow or the next day or even the day after that (but having said this, let us not limit God! Having a cup of coffee does not necessarily mean commitment or marriage . Your membership will continue until your duration of membership expires, unfortunately there are no refunds for early cancellation. ANSWER: Simply contact us and after we have received payment we will reinstate your membership. QUESTION: I cannot use my work e-mail address for personal e-mail. ANSWER: The best option would be to create your own personal email address. ANSWER: When a new person joins and you are a potential match, we forward them your profile) and you receive theirs. Please, don't just snub someone because they are not the right match. If you are really are not interested, please be so kind as to let the other person know.QUESTION: If I cancel, will I still be able to stay in contact with the friends I have made through CONNECTING CHRISTIANS? Sensitivity and wisdom in this regard is advisable. ANSWER: If you give us a large scope to work on, we will have a wider choice of people to match you with. Only your name, email address, mobile number and profile (brief description plus interests) are forwarded to selective members who fit your profile likewise you will receive same. Is now a good time for us to pursue a relationship? What do his actions/priorities say are important to him? Is he secure in Christ or does he “need” me in order to be happy? Am I secure in Christ or do I “need” a boyfriend in order to be happy? Could I see myself living the rest of my life with this person? Look through the topics below to find the answers to our most frequently asked questions. ANSWER: You must be 18 years or older to participate.QUESTION: Is this Introduction Service only for committed (born-again) Christians?

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SEE ALSO: Should I Marry a Man with Pornography Struggles? We cannot guarantee that everyone that visits this site is a committed (born-again) Christian, however only committed (born-again) Christians are eligible to become members. We are NOT an Internet Dating Service, rather we are a personalised one-on-one Christian Introduction/Dating Service.QUESTION: I am separated from my spouse - the divorce is pending - can I join in the meantime? Amongst other reasons - In a nutshell - Although you might not be living as husband and wife - technically you are still married. You can only literally move on once your divorce is final.QUESTION: Can I become a success story one day, so that my testimony can encourage other Christian singles? Nothing would give us more joy than for you to become a success story and for you to share your testimony to encourage other Christian singles. A non photograph will not influence your chances of meeting someone special, however, strongly recommended, (as they assist us in the selection process, as we do not have the opportunity to meet each and every member).

As per the membership form (where applicable) you have the choice to indicate a) For RECORD purposes only (in which case members are welcome to exchange photos between themselves) b) Your photo will be attached to your profile and forwarded to select members.

Their passion is to help young women find God’s truth about beauty and womanhood and the freedom that comes from living a radically different life for Christ.