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Nevertheless, we are once again dealing with the endless debate between professional pest removal companies and firms who produce such liquid rat repellents.

Ultrasonic rat repellents or electronic rat repellents (electronic – since they need batteries to be powered on) a.k.a high pitched sound machines work by emitting a high frequency sound which rats hear (and supposedly cannot stand), but humans don’t. Counter-Argument: On May 3rd, 2001, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) warned manufacturers and retailers of ultrasonic pest control devices to abstain themselves from falsely advertising their products as extremely efficient against rats and other pest, taking into consideration the real effect of these devices has been slowly diminishing through out out the years; rats simply got used to it already, heh.

These type of repellents are designed to scare rats, and consist of scents spread by the most fearful rodent’s predator ever, the cat. ;-) Another interesting thing about good quality liquid rat repellents (which can be easily purchased on Amazon nowadays) is the fact that their smell usually don’t bother us, humans, meaning that you can basically spray them all over the infested areas, even inside your house and not worry about dealing with any unpleasant scent yourself.

Please note, most liquid deterrents of this kind are based on predator urine (bobcat, coyote, etc).

Sometimes they tend not to give a damn and will simply create the mess themselves first, then start breeding. Counter-Argument: You may be able to keep certain rodents like mice and maybe even a few bigger rats away from your property if you have mint planted in your garden, but chances are quite big this WON’T HELP at all when dealing with a serious rat infestation. Here are our recommended top 5 rat repelling products either 100% or partially based on peppermint oil and their producers, currently available on Amazon. Critter Out Mouse & Rat Repellent (by Critter Out) Counter-Argument: Some rat control experts are totally against using peppermint oil as a do it yourself rat control solution, claiming they’ve been able to use this particular scent as bait for their traps, LOL!

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You don’t need a ‘fancy’ one, just adopt any cat from your local veterinary and it should do the job.People may argue if these can be regarded as a natural way to deter rats, but we decided to include them here.Naphthalene is created from an organic compound anyway. Place and keep them in places like sewage lines, toilets, sinks and cupboards.Here is what you do: mix ¼ cup Boric acid and ½ cup peanut butter.


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