Curse client database not updating dating chat up lines

05-Jul-2020 15:32

The TSM Desktop Application can automatically keep your TSM settings backed-up and help you quickly restore from a backup when the need arises.Want to perform deeper analysis on your purchases and sales?

TSM_Auction DB data is downloaded directly from TSM's servers which are constantly processing new data from Blizzard.

Ensure that you updated the manifest file and signed it again.

Republish your application by using Visual Studio or use Mage to sign the application again.

The TSM Desktop Application acts as a link between the TSM addon and our website.

This enables new features on the website such as deal notifications based on your TSM groups and TSM_Shopping operations, customized item pages, and much more!

For more information, see your Web server documentation.

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Oddly, the Curse Client will not upload unless it is running while you play; there is no way to upload manually. Originally Posted by ckramme They aren't developing on the mmo minion any longer.… continue reading »

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