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28-Apr-2020 08:46

"I know we don't really know each other too well, but I've heard from everyone how nice you are to the other skaters, and Victor said you gave good advice about this sort of stuff.""What kind of advice? Mila's eyes widened and Chris swore she turned the color of her hair."You know," she stuttered."Advice about dating." That was rich, considering that Victor never did actually follow Chris's advice to appear in front of that Yuuri Katsuki naked—or if he did, he certainly didn't tell Chris about it afterward."And another thing," Mila continued nervously, shifting back and forth on her feet. "I asked Victor for some advice, but he told me to go straight to you instead."That was a Victor thing to do."This is really awkward," the younger skater said, voicing Chris's exact thoughts.She scratched the back of her head and gave him a genuine yet shaky smile.

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Through simple logic, Mila, you would need to do something more than coffee—like take Sara clubbing or something. Or get down on one knee."If Mila had been as close to him as Victor was, Chris would've gripped her shoulders and spouted his entire inner monologue to her face. Sometimes he wondered how half the Russian skating team was still alive, considering they bothered him so much.

Professional Swiss figure skater and confirmed Grand Prix finalist. "Why are you wasting my limited international calls to ask me for advice about seducing Yuuri Katsuki again? "Please enlighten me on the details of your nude appearances in front of young Katsuki. "When I showed up to offer to be his coach, he confronted me in the hot springs, where I was definitely, naked then."Another pause."And I was definitely standing up, too."Chris couldn't help it.

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