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10-Jun-2020 04:08

This brief article introduces some of the writings by Muslim scholars and philosophers about the importance of sleep, some sleep disorders, and dreams.

Keywords: Arab, dreams, Islam, medieval, Muslim, sleep How to cite this URL: Ba Hammam AS, Almeneessier AS, Pandi-Perumal SR.

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Muslims view sleep as one of the great signs of Allāh, and a number of Muslim scholars studied and wrote on sleep and dreams.Moreover, he described important sleep hygiene techniques and tips “the deep sleep after the passage of food from the stomach and after ridding off flatulences and eructations, for to sleep on this is detrimental in many ways; it keeps the person turning from side to side, bringing harm to the person.Thus, a walk before sleeping to ensure digestion is recommended.Medieval Islamic scholarship and writings on sleep and dreams.

Date of Submission, 24-May-2017. Date of Web Publication, 29-Mar-2018. The Qur'an uses several terms to refer to dreams such as ru'ya vision, hulm.… continue reading »

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