Dating extreme narcissist

30-Jun-2020 23:43

Are you ashamed to have been fooled by a person who looks so perfect and innocent on the outside, that it’s hard to accept the truth – that you have been used to fuel their narcissistic supply?

For your own sanity, accept what has happened and move on because the person you thought you knew doesn’t exist, all there ever was, was a monster behind a mask.

Covert narcissists don’t possess the confidence levels of overt narcissists and are prone to feeling guilty about thinking they could ever be something they know they can’t.

They put up emotional barriers and try their best to suppress these feelings and not expose them to the outside world.

There are two types of extreme narcissists – overt and covert and some are easier to spot than others.

Overt narcissists are more common and much easier to spot, they externalise their arrogance, are outwardly demanding and display extreme character traits and their confrontational communication style does not go unnoticed!

They don’t feel guilty, however, about hurting others so in that sense they are the same as overt narcissists.

They are still very competitive, conscious of their actions and calculated in their actions. The only sure fire way is to be close to that person from a personal angle, to have a personal relationship with them, because covert narcissists can’t hide forever from those who are personally involved with them but despite that it can take a long time before their cover is blown.

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Narcissists have envy and resentment that causes them to attribute power and goodness to themselves, and negativity and weakness to others.Covert narcissists by contrast, are wolves in sheep’s clothing and are the most tricky and perhaps most dangerous sort so let’s focus on them.Covert narcissists are underhanded, deceptive and act behind the scenes.Being aggressive or angry at a narcissist won’t change anything, the best thing to do is cease all contact with them.

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