Dating health issues

27-Jun-2020 00:44

I realize that dating is also potentially stressful which is something I’ve considered. If I do meet someone I like that seems to like me, how am I supposed to explain all of this? Rejection will happen and it’s entirely inevitable. Get on whatever online dating site you find most comfortable with.

Sincerely, Dating with Depression♦◊♦Dear Dating with Depression, I’ll start this out by saying I just got out of the hospital for mononucleosis (cue all of the jokes). I will flat out say that I am in no way a therapist or licensed to provide mental health advice, but talking this over with your therapist could be a good resource. Even the most gorgeous of people get rejected, or so I’ve heard. I’m suggesting online dating because it has lower stakes.

It’s easy to panic about date three or what the potential relationship could look like a month out. If I look at things in my life being tiny hills, I find everything much more manageable. That way they can be like “it probably means nothing that they haven’t replied back to your text ten minutes after you sent them a message.” It’s very easy to tell yourself stories that just aren’t true, or worry about things that you just don’t need to. You may want to rehash everything that you possibly did wrong on a date.

I can guarantee you that your date was not noticing most of what you’re focusing in on. It was actually something recommended by a therapist I had years ago when I was trying to balance getting out there and dating while also managing chronic illness.

I’m not saying you have to disclose everything at once, but sometimes bit by bit is better than a big reveal.

I’ve been broken up with while getting transfusions in the hospital – twice. I try to start out from date one as a semi-open book because I found that for me waiting to bring up my health issues only contributed to feeling more anxious.That is extremely noble and shows you have a good heart.When do you tell someone you are dating about having mental health issues? Again, this can be terrifying but hopefully with the right person it will be less so.I’ve learned to let this go as if any part of me is a deal breaker, they are a waste of my time.