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13-May-2020 23:05

When I see a check mark I know that I can include these words on our weekly spelling test. Now, we are not much for testing in our homeschool, so we just call it a spelling quiz.

They don’t get graded on this, it’s just a way to make sure they are indeed remembering how to spell the words. I call out number one, and then I give each child their word.

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Each lesson is repeated until the student scores 100% twice.Then he will take a word from the list and study it. If he did not, he will quickly draw a line through the incorrect spelling and he will rewrite the word correctly this time.The child may do this with as many words as he likes until the timer goes off, which is normally set for 5 minutes.This only takes us about 5-10 minutes every Friday. If you have several children then this will not work for you.

You would then want to give each quiz separately, or in what ever fashion you deem best, maybe doing the quiz in groups of two.

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