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If the player base was growing at a respectable rate, they could have continued funding Cyan, in expectation that Uru would eventually repay their investment.Greydragon's remarks around February imply that growth rate, rather than absolute size, was indeed the number that everybody was watching.DRC Neighborhoods were created as new avatars arrived -- one Neighborhood for every twenty avatars.The Neighborhood count reached some 7600 by Uru's end, so that's over 150,000 avatars.We can try to estimate the number of players who ever logged on at a time.During the most popular moments of Uru Live's history -- the opening of Ahnonay, and the shutdown party -- I observed two to three hundred players on-line in public areas. I can't estimate how many people were in areas; and the shutdown party consisted of the die-hard players remaining after six months of hiatus and stasis. Obviously, the ultimate goal was for Uru to attract enough Gametap subscribers to support Cyan as a company. Cyan's game division is about thirty people; Gametap subscribers pay to per month (of which some is credited to Uru, no doubt depending on how much Uru they played).The problem at this point is that we're at a place where we can't really make any decisions along that line until Game Tap decides what they're going to do with Uru. We had hoped to avoid a dramatic fracturing of fans to various other communities and solutions. They would just be operating a central authentication server, and allowing fans to run Uru servers that connect to it.

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On the other hand, Gametap may not have Uru to become profitable in 2007.

(It had previously been available in 20.) The Uru: ABM game contains a menu option for "Play Uru Live." This was intended to launch the on-line game client.

Since the on-line game no longer exists, that menu option is now useless.

If you've gotten into the game, and want some non-spoiler guidance about what to try first, see "What should I be doing here?

" On February 4th 2008, Cyan and Gametap announced the decision to cancel Uru Live. (Or see a cached copy on this web site.) As the message implies, the direct cause was money.

(April 2008 edition -- look here for current version) As you probably know, Uru Live opened at the end of 2006, and then was cancelled in April of 2008.