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20-Jul-2020 08:44

I'm having a grid View on my page and on the Load Event on postback, I want to retreive data to get the values from the sub-controls and keep the data in an internal structure.

But, on the Load Event, I cannot retreive the values on the sub-controls because they seems not re-created ?

But I am not getting I am using c# Please help me Hi vmk, Could you be a littlemore elaborate? Thanks in advance for any help or direction you ca...

Getting Control Values from View State from my Grid View I'm having trouble to get values from view State from my grid View.

Here is some code: my columns here (see below for full GV code)  ... Regards, Naveen Please remember to click Mark as Answer on the pos...

Someone have an idea where the controls in the Grid View are re-created and when the controls are repopulated from the view State ? I unbound textboxes and a add honey in the direction row of the gridview.To bake the direction mode to Unite mode of gridview Edit Index cooking plays important thrill.I have been using the names of the actual controls but nothing happens.

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