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07-Sep-2020 20:15

Bible School Site- On Sunday June 10 I have changed some article urls from the wordpress url to the site url to improve the site SEO at the Bible School site.

Since tomorrow evening completes 30 days and no month can be longer than 30 days the first day of the Fourth biblical month begins at sunset tomorrow.I am working on a special Pentecost article for next Sunday.The UCG COE May 8-10 Report has been posted here and because I see that Chairman Ward’s Pentecost letter is not yet available at the UCG site I have appended that letter to the bottom of the Co E Report.We’ve seen that as well, and it’s always disappointing, and sometimes disillusioning.”While there is some dissatisfaction in the ranks there is a general feeling of pride based on the physical riches of the organization and the hope that a solid financial foundation is being laid for a future public outreach push. Today is the seventh Sabbath after the Wave Offering: According to the Biblical Calendar God gave to Moses Tomorrow, 27 May is the Feast of Pentecost. I am adding new material and some existing material has been removed and added to the “Personal Salvation” book.

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In addition some explanations will be improved and there will be a much improved new cover and title.

There is also dissatisfaction among various elders who feel that their areas are being neglected and short funded. We do it because we want to be more effective in preaching the gospel to the world and also caring for the brethren.