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Such duties must not contravene established Department or Marine Corps policy and must not unduly jeopardize the safety or well-being of any Marine. The RSO must immediately notify DS/SPC/MSG and apprise the company commander of the circumstances requiring the exceptional duty.DS/SPC/MSG will then inform the MSG Battalion and request concurrence for those particular duty assignments which will continue.This officer determines specific guard requirements and coordinates them with the Marine detachment and company commanders and with the chief of mission or principal officer.The RSO coordinates any MSG program issues or requirements with DS/SPC/MSG. The RSO may, on occasion, delegate any aspect of the operational supervision of an MSG detachment to a deputy or a special agent. USMC responsibilities concerning MSG Program support are provided to the Department in accordance with the most recent MOA (see 12 FAM Exhibit 431(B)). Upon arrival at post of assignment, the detachment commander and individual MSGs are under the authority of the chief of mission or principal officer.The L/M/DS attorney advisor will coordinate responses involving legal issues with the Office of the Legal Adviser (L). Both the chief of mission and company commander have the authority to transfer a Marine from a given post for disciplinary reasons.

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The Marine Corps has sole responsibility for disciplinary authority over all MSGs.

5983 authorizes the assignment of Navy personnel to Foreign Service posts under the direct operational control of the chiefs of diplomatic missions or principal officers, or their designees, and provides the basic authority for the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) dated August 1, 1967, between the Department of State and Department of Defense (see 12 FAM Exhibit 431(A)). The MOA cited in 12 FAM 431a) authorizes the Department of State and the U. Marine Corps to develop, execute, and issue such policy instructions as may be required from time to time to implement their joint responsibilities in support of the MSG Program. The MOA dated March 13, 2008, between the Department of State and the U. Marine Corps updated the program fiscal responsibilities and support, counterintelligence, VIP support, equipment and logistics, and medical and dental support annexes (see 12 FAM Exhibit 431(B)).

Under the authority of the chief of mission or principal officer, or designee, the RSO is the immediate operational supervisor of the MSG detachment for the Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

12 FAM 433 RSO RESPONSIBILITIES 12 FAM 433.1 Program Supervision (TL: DS-85; ) RSOs are responsible for the operational success of the MSG program abroad.

They must actively support and supervise the MSG program by: (1) Attending and participating in the MSGs guard school; (2) Leading and supervising all contingency drills; (3) Conducting unannounced inspections of MSG posts; (4) Involving themselves in all inspections and official visits by Marine Corps officers to include acting as joint control officer for the visit, briefing the visiting officers, and attending all meetings with post officials; (5) Ensuring the detachment commander has familiarized newly assigned MSGs with the equipment and duties of a post prior to their standing watch alone; (6) Ensuring security implications are reviewed and addressed for social activities sponsored by the detachment or held at the MSG residence; (7) Keeping the detachment commander informed of pertinent threat information and any proposed changes which might affect the MSGs work or living conditions; (8) Seeking and considering the detachment commanders views on matters which may affect the detachment; (9) Drafting all guard orders and contingency plans; (10) Ensuring MSGs are familiar with guard orders and contingency plans; (11) Representing MSG detachment interests and concerns at country team meetings, at emergency action committee meetings, and with post senior management; and (12) Ensuring that the MSG personnel who marry or plan to marry during their tour as an MSG are reported to DS/SPC/MSG and that all such matters are handled in accordance with the current MOA (see 12 FAM Exhibit 431(B)).Where an MSG is involved, the detachment commander also notifies the company commander.The RSO coordinates any investigation in such cases. The RSO will use DS Channel communications to report all MSG disciplinary actions to DS/SPC/MSG.Direct all requests for passports to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Passport Services (CA/PPT), for issuance of diplomatic or official passports as appropriate.

FAM 432.1 Chief, Marine Security Guard MSG Program DS/SPC/MSG. CTDS-132;. MOA Date June 28, 2013. Change Date April 18.… continue reading »

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Nov 10, 2017. Ermey retired as a Staff Sergeant, and in 2002, the Marine Corps granted. films to date, including 2016's Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. to help children learn respectful rules of the road; and a tiger and a panther.… continue reading »

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Military regulations chiefly regulate against dating between two soldiers of different ranks. The U. S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines all have regulations in.… continue reading »

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