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Passengers on cruise ships are able to see Kuna women living on the Atlantic coast of Panama, and in Panama City there are a number of outlets where Kuna women, also wearing the full dress ensemble, sell molas.

Many Kuna men and women wear a form of Western clothing, including mass-produced t-shirts much of the time.Some non-Kuna residents of Panama City and the Canal Zone became re-sellers, operating from shops in Panama City which attracted tourists interested in indigenous handcrafts.Molas purchased by US citizens living in the Canal Zone, and by tourists, especially US tourists, are found in many museum collections of molas, often donated many years after acquisition.This decoration is also called Mola or Molas, in Kuna this means shirt or clothing. Mola, which originally meant bird plumage, is the Kuna Indian word for clothing, specifically blouse, and the word mola has come to mean the elaborate embroidered panels that make up the front and back of a Kuna woman’s traditional blouse.

Typical Molas consist of patterned cotton pieces of clothing.Some of these were likely to be molas no longer deemed fit to wear, although some molas in early collections show no evidence of wear.Molas specifically “made for trade” began to appear in the 1960s and this is well documented (Tice 1995: 63‒64).The Kuna have been making their art works for over centuries now and are pretty skilled in it.

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