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Quote: "That's one of the strangest relationships I've ever been in in my life - but it was real...

We really fell in love for a minute." Rapper Flavor Flav on his strange romance with actress Brigitte Nielsen.

Some of the singles events we have put on in the past include, dances, bowling, picnics, mystery dinners, brunches, concerts, swimming parties, etc.

If you have filled out our Quick Connect then you will automatically be invited when we host a future singles event.

If you are attending an event with a cost, registration and prepayment are required and there will be no refunds, unless WE cancel the event.

Fact: Rap veteran Flavor Flav turned air steward during a Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Las Vegas on Saturday (06Jun15) when he helped to pass out snacks to fellow passengers in economy class. Fact: Hip-hop veteran Flavor Flav is raising a toast to the New Year (12) by officially launching his own alcohol company.

I don't know anybody that got a chicken spot right next to the Colonel (Sanders)... I've got lines out the door, down the block, around the corner." Rapper FLAVA FLAV on the success of his new fried chicken restaurant in Iowa.

so I'll be more careful next year." Rapper Flavor Flav insists his 2013 Independence Day celebrations will be more sedate after cops shut down his private fireworks show in Las Vegas on Wednesday (04Jul12).DATING DIRECTIONS reserves the right, in this case, to delay the initial dinner invitation until such time as we can ensure that the he/she will share an evening with individuals whom they may find a true connection and whose company they enjoy.The client may also elect to remain in our database, cost free, until a dinner party can be planned, if another service is not desired.Share with a group of similarly aged singles, an interactive murder mystery party like this one held at the Graystone Winery and enjoy good food, good wine, and a little mayhem! Dinner Parties: Do You Care About The Company You Keep?

These 34 clients were delighted to be a part of it. Let Dating Directions, Ohio's premier professional matchmakers, put more fun and romance in your life.Our "By-Invitation-Only" dinners are intimate evenings hosted and held in private dining rooms in Columbus' best restaurants and designed specifically with you in mind.**When Elizabeth and Susie plan a dinner you are in for a treat! Where else can you enjoy a fun night out, experience great food, make new friends and possibly meet the love of your life for such a reasonable price?Our dinner parties vary in size from 8-14 people with an equal number of single men and woman.Haunted Hayride: Imagine the fun of an old-fashioned hayride, three groups rushing through a haunted corn maze to win a group prize, roasting marshmallows while sharing and listening to ghost tales by a professional storyteller.