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From my office window I can see the single lane at the end of a motorway, usually filled with a queue of slowly moving cars.

The conventional wisdom is that it should be two-laned to remove the blockage, but that does not look beyond the tunnel to the end where there the road meets a major junction with traffic lights.

What it would have meant for the private and public accounts of the nation boggles the mind. It's quest for the dominance of evidence-based policy is done and dusted.

Too often we discuss ‘democracy’ without defining the term; too frequently the result is talking at cross-purposes.

The idea was to use a court format with a jury of twelve to decide.

I suggested a number of possibilities; they picked the notion that marriage should be between two people and that the state should not be involved (except that it might have a voluntary register).

This confusion has become acute in recent years when discussing whether ‘democracy’ is in retreat (the subtext being that it was in an expansionary phase not so long ago).

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I said it was better to defeat them than ban or martyr them, but I also can't resist dipping my toe in the free speech ripples. In New Zealand, freedom of speech doesn't have to be, and currently isn't, exclusively concerned with preventing the state from punishing people for speech.Having better things to do than mine the seamier veins of the internet, I still haven’t really engaged in any depth with this pair of Canadian alt-right provocateurs’ “message” (such as they have one beyond “let’s make a buck from owning the libs”).The High Court recently decided that when the Ministry of Social Development calculates a social security beneficiary’s income any mortgage and credit cards loans she received were not income.Nevertheless, people sometimes claim that freedom of speech has to take on that narrow meaning.

The national debate over free speech is in many ways a sucker punch - "Squirrel!

The FRA required each government to set out its intentions.

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