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The terms "Ciphertext", "Digital Signature", "Message Authentication Code (MAC)", and "Plaintext" are defined by the "Internet Security Glossary, Version 2" A name in a namespace that enables names to be allocated in a manner such that they are highly unlikely to collide with other names.

Examples of collision-resistant namespaces include: Domain Names, Object Identifiers (OIDs) as defined in the ITU-T X.660 and X.670 Recommendation series, and Universally Unique IDentifiers (UUIDs) [RFC4122].

String Or URI values are compared as case-sensitive strings with no transformations or canonicalizations applied.

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The interpretation should only be applied when the terms appear in all capital letters.A JWT may be enclosed in another JWE or JWS structure to create a Nested JWT, enabling nested signing and encryption to be performed.A JWT is represented as a sequence of URL-safe parts separated by period ('.') characters. The number of parts in the JWT is dependent upon the representation of the resulting JWS using the JWS Compact Serialization or JWE using the JWE Compact Serialization.JWTs are always represented using the JWS Compact Serialization or the JWE Compact Serialization.

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