When can recovering alcoholic enter dating

10-Sep-2020 13:53

It’s natural to look to the comfort of new love to counteract the loneliness.

Relationships can be part of healing, but finding healthy partners who support your recovery is a challenge.

As practicing alcoholics and drug addicts, their daily functioning was probably much more compromised in a much more obvious way than that of the practicing sex addict.

Sex addicts can keep their sexual behavior compartmentalized and hidden. Thus the addict can convince himself and everyone else that there is nothing wrong.

They very commonly are aware that they behave in a sexually inappropriate manner prior to chemical dependency recovery and they attribute that to the fact that they were high on drugs or alcohol.Minimizing This is the tendency to see anything to do with sex and relationships as relatively minor and harmless.The alcoholic/addict may argue that behaviors like compulsive porn use, preoccupation with online hook-ups, or frequent visits to prostitutes are not nearly as risky or life threatening as chemical dependency.They may have great difficulty following through with relationships and instead go for repeated seductions in which they use the Other recovering chemical dependency people become sexually compulsive with online hook-ups or internet pornography as their new drug of choice.

Still others have intense, high drama relationships in which they seek to control the other person out of fear.Intellectualizing This can take various forms in which the alcoholic uses semi-logical argument as to why they cannot or need not do anything about a problem. to feel helpless and hopeless about changing how they relate to intimacy and relationships.They argue that they have already worked a program and that there is nothing more they can do. Recovering alcoholics and drug addicts often have little or no experience with healthy intimate relationships.Also they may rely on the argument that sexual acting out is entirely legal and that it is victimless.

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